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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Shooting Clinics:

1. How much do we shoot?
125-300 shots depending upon what you are working on. Singles, doubles, long shots, short shots, etc. We find that Its not "how many times you pull the trigger" that makes you better, its what you learn each time you pull the trigger that makes you better!

2. How many people in each class?
We typically take 5 people per instructor per day.

3. What time do we start and finish?
Assemble at 8:00 am, start at 8:30am, and end between 4:30-5:00 pm.

4. What level will the other students be?
Although we try to group people with like ability sometimes it just can't happen. We have found that the teaching methods we use can be understood and applied by the novice, intermediate, as well as the advanced shooter. The difference is the more advanced students have the ability to execute the same basic fundamentals at higher levels and on more difficult targets.

The first time a student enters one of our groups sessions they are amazed at how much they actually learn when others are shooting. When we explain the same fundamental move or concept to 5 different people in 5 different ways everyone learns so much so quickly!

In one day with us you will learn what normally takes 10 one-hour lessons to learn for the cost of just over 2 one-hour lessons.

5. What should I expect to learn?
You will learn in the first 1-1/2 hours why you hit and why you miss the target; how to repeat the hits; and how to correct the misses. You will learn about chokes:  When and how to use them.

Our system is so simple to understand, learn and apply...It just makes sense!

6. What method do you teach?
We teach all methods. Different methods have different amounts of risk on different shots. We help you understand the risks and why. We also help you choose the best method for you and the shot you are shooting.

We have found in studying the psychology of performance (the mental game) that the more emphasis that is placed on method, the more consciously and mechanically people think, therefore the more they under perform.

7. What if it rains?
The only reason a clinic will be canceled is due to lightning. Bring your rain gear!  We don't charge extra for teaching you how to shoot in the rain or in inclimate weather!

8. Can you help me shoot birds better?
Our system has been successfully applied to not only all clay target disciplines, but also to all species of live bird shooting. We give specific clinics for doves, ducks, geese and driven shooting in England. American Shooting Centers (ASC) is a great place to learn to shoot because they have 13 towers from 20 feet to 120 feet.

9. Do you have guns?
ASC has an assortment of Beretta and Browning shotguns available in Houston for you to use. We need a 3 week advanced notice if you would like to use a specific gun and we will do what we can to have it for you!

10. What about ammunition?
Ammunition is available at all club locations in which we teach. You may contact us about ammunition in Houston and/or contact the club where you will be meeting us.

11. How much does it cost in Houston verses on the road?
In Houston, the cost is $450 per person per day, which also includes targets and lunch. You pay for ammunition. A $200 deposit is required to reserve a spot.

Cost varies when we are on the road because some clubs include lunch, targets and/or ammunition.

**Hourly instruction is available at a cost of $200 per hour and include targets. Ammunition is not included.

Both Gil and Vicki are available for corporate outings and hunts.

Individual packages can be put together for you or your group whether its to improve your scores in sporting clays or taking some clients out to shoot. Things just seem to go better with Vicki and Gil around. Call for scheduling and prices 800-838-7533.

12. If I come for two days will the 2nd day be just a repeat of the first day?
We recommend taking two days in a row! The first day we are deprogramming and programming the data base. On the second day we show you how to use the computer. No two days of instruction are alike. Each shooter in each class is asked to shoot a few targets and answer a few questions. It is at that point that the curriculum for the day is established and the students and the teacher agree on individual goals for the day and then go to work together to achieve them.

13. Can you check my gun fit?
We can check your gun fit and give you suggestions as to any alterations that might need to be done. Gun fit is a very personal thing. It is more important that you understand what gun fit is all about and then you will know if your gun fits or not. If you come to Houston after one session on the pattern plate, you will know if your gun fits or not!

14. How can we get you to come to our club?
We are constantly updating our schedule. Just e-mail ( or call us (800-838-7533) and we will see when we can work you in.

15. Will you teach me a specific method or will you work with what I'm already doing?
We can teach you any method you want to learn! More importantly, we will teach you the risks of each method on each shot and it will be up to you to change or not. We find that people are very reluctant to change. However, once our students understand the risks of not changing and the benefits (reduced risk) of changing then change becomes improvement -- Everyone wants to improve!

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"We help you achieve more than you think is possible."


“This was my second opportunity to benefit from the instruction offered by Gil and Vicki Ash. I thoroughly enjoy that dynamic duo both as instructors and individuals. I view their shooting method as a modern interpretation of the “Churchill School” of shooting, wherein the shooter trusts his natural abilities of eye-brain-hand coordination to track a bird and then instinctually raise the gun to the shoulder and shoot while naturally following through the target. This method can and does work…I only need to condition myself to forget my old style of shooting and its attendant bad habits!”
Kevin Steele, Petersen’s Hunting
and Petersen’s Hunting Adventure TV

"The OSP gun mounting system allows for a very fluid, efficient acquisition of target. As a snap shooter of ruffed grouse, I noticed that the butt of my gun was coming up quicker than the front. After being schooled on the gun mount through the OSP flashlight drill, my gun comes up very fluid with no wasted movement. This improves the number of birds in the field killed. I highly recommend their system."
Dan Swenson of North American Hunter

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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