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Gil and Vicki host a regular column in Sporting Clays Magazine and are featured often in a variety of shooting publications. Here are a few articles on common issues to help you understand and improve your shooting performance.

Index Of Available Articles:

  • Understanding Eyes
      - Eye Dominance
      - 2 Eyes or 1
      - How Your Eyes Work
      - Second Bird on a Pair
      - Left Eyed and Right Handed
      - Getting Ahead of the Target
      - Good Bird Hunters Aren't Necessarily Good Clay Shooters
      - Eye Dominance 2
      - Eyes First Then the Gun
      - Why do the Women Shooters Always Score 10-20 Fewer Birds Than the Men?
      - Others tell me that I am stopping. How do I get myself to not stop the gun?
      - Right-handed and Left Eye Dominant
      - One Eye or Two Eyes Open?
      - Quartering Targets
      - Ladies...3 Feet in Front of the Bird
      - Using Your Eyes Properly
      - Any Hope for a Shooter Shooting with the Left Eye Closed?

  Tempo Move Mount
      - Viewing Change in Your Shooting
      - Conscious Awareness of the Gun
      - When to Take a Shooting Lesson? When Your Scores Plateau.
      - Simple Mechanics
      - Follow Through--Excess Creates Risk
      - Avoiding the Death Grip on the Gun
      - Practice Routine
      - #1 Reason for Missing Sporting Targets
      - Increasing your Level of Performance is a Result of Awareness, Choice & Trust
      - 70/28 Rule
      - Relax
      - Shoot Better and Hit More
      - That !!! Rabbit
      - Instinctive Shooting
      - Running with the Bird
      - The “Dreaded Phlinch”

  • Performance
      - It's OK to be Early
      - Shooting Glasses Do Help
      - Why Do I Shoot Sporting Clays?
      - Changing Leads Vs. Chokes
      - Defining Success
      - Attitude Toward Winning
      - Comment Vs. Commitment
      - Desire and Winning
      - Getting Ready for Sporting Clays Season

  • Routine
      - Preshot routine for wing shooting?
      - The Pitfalls of Unsolicited Help
      - Expectations on Tournament Day
      - How to Stay Focused for 10 Shots
      - Staying Focused
      - Foot Position
      - Etiquette...How do I handle lots of "help" from others in my squad when I'm in a shooting stand?
      - Consistency
      - Fear of Failure
      - What Should I Expect from a Shooting Lesson
      - I Want to Give my Wife Some Shooting Lessons for Her Birthday
      - Controlling the Future
      - The Search for Consistency
      - Keeping Every Round as Good as the First

  • Visual Speed
      - Bird Barrel Relationship vs. Gun Speed
      - Teal Targets
      - Gun Movement

  • Gun Fit
      - A Question On Gun Fit
      - Make It Ugly to Make It Right
      - Side By Sides
      - Patterning a Gun For Impact
      - Where's My Gun?
      - The Perfect Stance
      - Shooting in the Wintertime

  • Practice
      - Hard Targets -- To Practice or Not to Practice
      - Gun Mount
      - Practicing Your Game
      - What Should I Practice After a Lesson?
      - Practice Routine
      - When to Take a Hunting Shooting Lesson
      - Shooting Hard Targets
      - Have a specific goal in mind when you go to your practice sessions.
      - What is a good age to start a child out shooting?
      - Shooting Great After the Lesson...or Not
      - How to Get the Most Out of a Lesson!
      - Practice for Goose Season: Sit on it!
      - The Differences between Practice and Training

  • Hunting
      - Finally Dove Season
      - Duckin’ and Dovin’ at the 74 Ranch
      - A morning on the Prairie
      - Improving Success on Live Birds
      - A Day With Cadillac Jack
      - FALL IS HERE
      - Quail Hunting
      - Shooting in the Winter Time
      - Don’t Be an April Fool

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"Gil and Vicki Ash have helped me become a better shot. More important, they have helped me enjoy shooting more"
.Phil Bourjaily, Editor of Field & Stream Magazine

"I was lucky. My travels took me near Mitchell’s Clay Target Sports near Brooks, Oregon last spring - - just in time to talk my way into an OSP shotgun class. Gil and Vicki Ash hardly ever miss, and I wanted to shoot like that! Those two days put me on the track to better shotgunning - - and they were great fun! Clay targets hide when OSP comes to town!"
Wayne Van Zwoll

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