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Below are links to great companies we work with.
Click on any logo to visit their web site.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort Sporting Clays
In keeping with its goal to be the premier four season resort in the
mid-Atlantic region, Seven Springs Mountain Resort has expanded its realm, which now includes a
sporting clays complex.
American Shooting Centers
American Shooting Centers has been a recreational shooter's paradise since 1989. Conveniently located in Houston, Texas on 563 acres in the beautiful George Bush Park. Rifle and pistol, sporting clays, trap and skeet are supported by quality staff and outfitted with pro shops for your convenience.

As a world leader in the development of clay traps and clay targets Laporte prides itself in looking at ways to improve our products whilst keeping the consumer informed and abreast of new developments.

Krieghoff International
H.Krieghoff of Ulm, Germany, which was founded as Sempert & Krieghoff
in 1886, had been producing
European hunting guns for more
than sixty years when the company explored the opportunity in the late fifties and early sixties to add competition shotguns to its line. Today, the Model 32 and K-80, and lately the twenty bore K-20, have made Krieghoff a household name among gun connoisseurs in the United States.
Rio Sporting Ammunition
Rio Ammunition is a company in constant expansion. At present they are active in more than 80 countries and continue to develop plans for internationalization, production and marketing in various geographic locations.
Skeeter Boats
Sixty years have passed since Skeeter was first built, which just so happened to be the world’s first bass boat. Since then, Skeeter has been setting the standard, raising the bar, and leaving the rest of the boating industry in a wake of innovation.
Pro Ears
“We are glad to welcome Pro Ears as a partner of OSP Shooting School. We have tried other electronic earmuffs and have found that none of them come close to Pro Ears Predator earmuffs. Predator electronic earmuffs both enhance and protect your hearing at the same time. We value our hearing and only partner with people whom we feel are the best in the industry and when it comes to electronic earmuffs for hearing protection and enhancement, Pro Ears can’t be beat.”
–Gil and Vicki Ash
Media Direct
Located in Erie, PA, Media Direct is a premier full service marketing, advertising and media relations agency specializing in the outdoors industry. With vast experience servicing national and international clients, they have developed a strong reputation for effective, on-target marketing.

Other products we have used and believe in:

Decot Sport Glasses Inc.

Lonesome Charlie Leather Works



"We teach you whichever method you want to learn, but we help you understand which method creates the most and the least amount of risk in each shot."

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“I have received a lot of shotgun shooting instruction over the years…most of it was of mediocre value. I learned more in ten minutes with Gil and Vicki than all the other years of instruction combined. Not only did they tell me what I was doing wrong, they provided easy to understand solutions that resulted in instant results.”
Mike Schoby, Petersen’s Hunting

"The combination of Gil and Vicki’s humorous yet informative teaching style and the hands-on instruction were extremely effective. Reading their easy-to-understand book and viewing the excellent DVD followed by the opportunity to shoot under their supervision helped to improve my meager shotgunning skills tremendously. I came away from the day with a lot more confidence in my ability to shoot a shotgun, and the fun factor of shooting was greatly increased by being able to break clay targets more consistently."
Joel Hutchcroft of Shooting Times

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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