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Listing of OSP Seminars

 ComeOut2Shoot – FREE!  A Shotgunning Seminar with Gil and Vicki Ash


Sighting in Your Deer Rifle - Date to be Determined

FULSHEAR, TEXAS- OSP (Optimum Shotgun Performance) Shooting School announces the partnership with American Shooting Centers (ASC) in Houston, Texas and the hosting of FREE instructional seminars in a new ASC program called “Come Out 2 Shoot”. The next seminar in the series will be held in October with a date to be determined. The seminar will feature world-renowned shooting instructors Gil and Vicki Ash. The seminar is FREE and available to all with pre-registration required. The event will begin at 7:30am with registration, sign-in until 8:30am, and the lecture will take place between 8:30am and 10:15am. Once the seminar is concluded, participants will be chosen from the audience to shoot with OSP trainedinstructors from 10:15am to 11:30pm. Come out and discover the shooting skills you never knew you had, OSP guarantees it!

Ed Arrighi, ownership group spokesperson for ASC comments, “American Shooting Centers is privileged to have the Ash’s as resident instructors here in Houston. We are excited to join with the Ash’s, and OSP, to bring to Houston’s shooting public an information source to not only make shooters more proficient but better people as well.”

Since becoming professional instructors, Gil and Vicki have EACH logged over 18,000 hours of teaching experience as well as studying vision, mental performance, and the difference in the way men and women perceive visually and how they store and recall data from the brain. Gil and Vicki are experienced and comfortable teaching all methods of shooting. From swing through, pull away, and maintained lead, as well as understanding the amount of risk each method creates for each type of shot, they can tackle them all! While other instructors concentrate only on the method and lead, the Ash’s concentrate on you. They help you reach your own personal goals, they tailor every lesson and clinic to your needs and skill level, and help you get in control of your performance, whether mechanical or mental.

With nine books authored, six instructional DVD’s in production, and more instructional books and DVD’s on the way, the Ash’s have the largest single source library of instructional material on shotgunning in the world. Gil Ash of the OSP Shooting School states, “Vicki and I are thrilled about the newseminars that we will be hosting. We hope to offer a different look on sporting clays and the mental aspect of the game to the fans of American Shooting Centers.”  

If you have a question or something you have never been able to understand about shotgun shooting, theseminars are the chance for you to find out the real answer. Be sure to come with questions because Gil and Vicki will be able to give you a common-sense, scientific explanation that will keep you laughing and enjoying learning in a way you have never experienced.

In order for ASC to give every attendee the personal service they are committed to give, reservations are required because space is limited, so sign up early. All ages are welcome for the seminar but those chosen to participate in the live fire segment must be 16 years of age or older.  Eye protection is mandatory for attendance and must be furnished by the attendee. Ear protection will be provided by ASC. To sign up today please call Lynn at 281.556.8086 or by visiting Look for future seminar dates at or


Testimonials from Come Out 2 Shoot Seminars

"What a great program!  I went and shot after the seminar and my shooting improved 50% by using what I learned.  I also had my daughter-in-law come [to] the seminar and she was chosen to get one of the mini lessons and she enjoyed it as well.  We then went to the rifle and pistol range and shot several weapons there.  I do not think she is afraid of guns or to have them in her home now."

"At this point, Gil and Vicki are so far ahead of the learning curve in shotgun sports that I am just glad to have them teach me whatever they think is important at this time.  However, I would be real interested in a Sporting Clays Target Reading seminar.  I have the utmost respect for Gil and Vicki as instructors.  As a Level II NSCA instructor, I am always trying to better my skills in teaching others.  What better way [to] learn than from a Master Instructor."

"Since you did not have a pre conceived agenda, you did a great job in engaging the audience's participation to address what the audience wanted to hear.  The hands on demonstrations were very informative since we are visual and seeing is believing.  Thanks for the work you do and sharing it with us."


"We help you define the possible."

Seminars OSP

“A couple years ago while attending Safari International Convention my wife Andrea and I attended a seminar presented by Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School. Having attended many seminars over the years had not prepared us for the enthusiasm and constant flow of information that flowed from “Team Gil and Vicki”. The time flew by as new idea after new idea was offered to us and all the while I am thinking “At my age I should have already known that, and that, and that”. Their approach to shotgun instruction is very scientific but presented in a way we can all relate to and understand. As the audience is pulled into the discussion the excitement increases and suddenly the hour program is over and folks are still asking questions. Their seminar was so popular was so popular and informative that we asked them to make a presentation at our North American Gamebird Association convention in San Antonio this year. As I expected it was the most enjoyed and attended event at our convention. It was so good that NAGA booked them again before they left San Antonio. We have booked Gil and Vicki for a three day shooting seminar this fall at Little Canyon Shooting, our upland gamebird hunting ranch. I am confident their instruction will so improve the shooting of our members that we will decrease the numbers of wounded birds at our facility, which makes us look good. We high recommend you attend their schools and seminars, you will be amazed how much you learn."
Sonny and Andrea Hairston

"Vicki Ash is to shooting lessons as Harvey Pennick was to golf. She takes your natural ability and makes you as good as you can be. She makes shooting more fun!"
Charles Kraft, Houston, TX

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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