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Practice for Goose Season: Sit on it!

Getting ready for goose season? Gil offers this practice tip: SIT ON IT!

Get a five-gallon bucket, turn it over, and sit on it. Shooting clays while sitting on the bucket is a good simulation for goose shooting. If you can go to a skeet field, set up on station 4, two or three steps in toward station 8. Have someone throw birds to you from the high house and low house. You’ll find that you have about 50% less freedom of movement while sitting than when standing to shoot.

A word of caution: Because your upper body movement and visibility are restricted while sitting, you should be especially careful and aware of your surroundings.

To practice your shotgun mount before goose hunting, Gil also suggests doing the flashlight drill while seated on an overturned bucket.

When shooting from a seated position, right-handed shooters should put most of their weight on their left hip, opposite for lefties.

And how did Gil and Vicki become proficient at shooting while seated? They learned from teaching physically challenged shooters. They spent a week shooting from wheelchairs to learn to adapt their techniques to that position.

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"We help you achieve more than you think is possible."

"Vicki, the thing that impressed me the most about your teaching style is your emphasis on focus, organizing your thoughts prior to calling for the bird, moving the barrel the speed of the target, and eye placement. All contribute to a system that quickly produces results and builds confidence. You taught me to relax and enjoy the break."
Ray Gill, Cordova,Tennessee

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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