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Foot Position

I'm always concerned that my foot position is not correct when I call pull. How do I know where to put my feet? Richard Edson, Dickinson, Texas

One of the first things you want to do when you get to the station you are shooting is to decide where to break the targets so that you can put your feet in the correct position. That way you will be in balance at the break point.

You will need to point your left foot (right foot for left handers) in the direction of the place you want to break the target. The other foot needs to be placed to the side and back 1 or 2 inches or whatever is comfortable for you, so that there is a line between the back heel and the front toe and that is the place you want to break the target. Your feet should be about the distance apart as your armpits. If they get too much wider, you are not able to move as well to the bird. If the wind comes up and you have to make an adjustment in the swing you are not able to as easily as if your feet were closer together.

With your feet closer together, this also helps you make a good gun mount. The gun is able to move to your face more easily if your feet are not too far apart. Try it and see. Put your feet really far apart and try to make a good perfect gun mount. Then put them closer together and see if it makes a difference. Standing straight with only a slight lean in your stance (with your nose over your toes) will also help in the gun mount. The shoulder then is in line with the stock and the gun ccan slide up to the cheek easy.

All these hints will help you make not only a good gun mount, but will help you in your decision on where to break the target. Once that has been established you don't have to think about it again and you will be lined up correctly with the target and not breaking your back along your swing. This also prevents that rainbow effect in your swing. Swing into your stance and a good gun mount will occur, and even more important more targets will break as a result.

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