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Teal Targets

Why doesn't the teal target break everytime? I see the same thing everytime, but I'm inconsistent on breaking them. How many times have you said this to yourself? The difference between a hit or a miss is usually the result of not having sharp focus on the target or the movement of the gun to the target is too fast or too slow. Consistency on a teal target comes from having sharp focus on the target and very little gun movement. If you want to hit the target at the peak of the flight path-you will need to have very little gun movement. This is where the path of the target has the least amount of swing, in fact this is when it becomes a perfect point with the gun as opposed to a swing, because the target is slowing down. If you are still swinging, you will sail over the top of the target. The picture will look the same each time-whether you hit or miss the target. Lead cannot solve this problem, better focus and a perfect point makes this target break. Many times, you will need to shoot the bird quick--on the way up. Pull your eyes closer to the trap and as you see the bird mount the gun over the top of the targets flight and pull the trigger, trusting your point. If you hestitate the target will be gone so trust yourself and put the gun where it needs to be to break the target.What about those times when you need to break the teal on its way down? After you get past the question why would anyone want to?, you need to know how as there will come a time when you have to take that target on its way down. Look at the bottom of the target as it begins its way down and insert the gun underneath and along the flight path of the target. How far you ask? Depends on the speed of the target we respond. Remember to match the target speed and barrel speed and insert the gun into that big lead window and pull the trigger. This is a great game we play but there are no absolutes in how to achieve the breaking of the target. Each "lead picture" is different for each person so trust yourself and your judgement.Learn to break teal targets going up, at the top and coming down because every range owner will set them a different way and you need to know how to shoot it all ways. Go and have fun.

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"We help you define the possible."

"The OSP gun mounting system allows for a very fluid, efficient acquisition of target. As a snap shooter of ruffed grouse, I noticed that the butt of my gun was coming up quicker than the front. After being schooled on the gun mount through the OSP flashlight drill, my gun comes up very fluid with no wasted movement. This improves the number of birds in the field killed. I highly recommend their system."
Dan Swenson of North American Hunter

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