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"We help you define the possible."

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“I can’t express how impressed I am with the OSP method of teaching shotgun shooting! In the two short classes I took with you not only did my shooting improve tremendously, for the most part I now know why I miss when I do, “a failure to concentrate on the leading edge of my target” or trying to “think”. I really believe this method is the best way to introduce new shooters to shotgun so they don’t get discouraged and have a great time “doing it the right way” to start off instead of having to break bad habits. Your DVDs and book help me refresh when I have been too busy to keep up my shooting, I can “practice” at home without firing a shot to build muscle memory and keep my edge so I can be able to just go out and have a great time shooting!”
Kevin Steele, Petersen's Hunting
and Petersen's Hunting Adventure TV

"You may or may not remember me. I've taken your clinic twice at Milford Hills, here in Wisconsin. In any event, I wanted you to know I just finished reading "You Gotta Be Out of Your Mind" and it is terrific. At age 62, I've been stuck for years as just a so-so clays shooter. Finally, this fall, I had a true "in the zone" experience and it changed my whole outlook on this silly game I dearly love."
Tim Doyle

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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