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Dear Gil & Vicki Blog

Dear Gil And VickiI have been getting a lot of good information from the Knowledge Vault. I have listened to all the Coaching Hours back to Jan 2013 and looked at the videos and animations. The ShotKam videos are incredible and the ShotKam Kill Shot Review is an incredible tool to really understand what it really looks like when you are moving with the target. Just by reviewing all this stuff my practices are awesome! When I listen to you and all the other shooters on the Coaching Hour talk about stabilizing the picture, playing away from the target, preloading the shot and deep practice it is like taking a lesson from you in person. I’ve been following Daniel Coyles advice and practicing in the sweet spot and man does that keep it interesting and challenging at the same time and it seems that I just learn more and more every time I go out. One of the biggest things that seem to be happening to me is that I no longer get mad when I miss because now I can look at the missed target as an opportunity to learn. I just replay the shot through my mind go through my list of fundamentals and the correction becomes more and more obvious. The ShotKam Kill Shot Review is priceless and for me it has helped tremendously with my ability to preload the shot and in my preload actually visualize the shot in more detail than I have ever been able to before. I read your blog about being comfortable with the gun in front of the target and how shooters will never be able to mount the gun any farther than they are comfortable in front of the target and man is that true. Just knowing this has given me the courage to play farther and farther in front of the target and it seems it keeps getting easier and easier to be early in the break point and just let the target come in and all I have to do is adjust the gun speed to the target speed and it just breaks over and over. I am amazed at how easy and consistent this way of shooting is, keep up the good work and again thanks for creating the Vault…….Scot K.Well Scot you are not alone in your results with the ShotKam Kill Shot Review and we are busily creating more ShotKam reviews not only on clays but on game birds as well and we will continue to do so. Our students from all over the world are echoing your remarks and we continue to show the clay ShotKam review at the beginning of all of our clinics. It does make a difference in how quickly shooters understand being in sync with the target and seeing the target behind the barrels and really what it looks like when you are on line in front of the target and moving the same speed as the target. Something else we are learning is that when viewing the ShotKam shots it is easy for either a right handed or left handed shooter to understand what it really looks like to them and they immediately understand what being in front means and how moving with the target really slows everything down. We are recommending that shooters just sit and look at the 10-minute loop of 38 shots over and over and it seems that the brain learns what it is supposed to look like more rapidly and in greater detail than stumbling around trying to imagine the same thing.

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