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G & F-Eyes First Then the Gun

One of the biggest reasons for a miss on a 2nd target on either a painted target or a feathered one is that the shooter shoots one target and takes the eyes and gun at the same time. Most shooters have a strong tendency to push the gun immediately toward the second target after they hit the first. They do this even though they don’t know exactly where the second target is because they haven’t seen it. This does two things: It makes them rush and it pulls their eyes to the barrel of the gun. The barrel begins to control the eyes instead of the other way around. We cannot stress enough how much risk looking at the barrel introduces into your shot. Every success and every failure in clay sports as well as wing shooting is rooted in focus on the target. It is crucial to get your eyes on that second bird, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to focus on the front edge or the head of a live bird before you move to it with the gun.Any gun movement prior to focus on the target is wasted and increases risk by the cube. You’re making it three times harder for yourself if you move the gun first. Even if the eyes and gun go for the second target at the same time, the target is harder to lock on to. And the gun will out-swing the bird even though you are looking at it.We suggest that you hit the 1st target then move your eyes to the 2nd target then follow with the gun.Eyes First Then the GunGil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School atwww.ospschool.comConduct shooting clinics all over the world.

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