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Zone experience and pre load

every phone call I receive from shooters all over the world now deeply imbeds the idea that accessing the right brain is the key to the zone experience and the pre load being vivid and clear is the key to open the door….I have had so many zone experiences with a shotgun and i am constantly going through what I do when I shoot left handed or shot with my head off the stock and it is the preload and being hooked up with the speed of the target that allows me to trigger the shot in the right place and i will not pull the trigger until I am going the same speed as the target… the other part of this experience when I shoot with my head off the stock is the gun is mounted well in front of the target and the target comes to the lead….and the gun merges at the speed and the shot just happens….the more I shoot with he ShotKam the more I see this happening on everything I shoot ……birds as well as clays….be early in the break point with the muzzles and same speed at the end…..fished with Driscoll and Sherry Otto the other day and Driscoll said that looking at the clay shot review before a tournament improved his scores at least 4 birds…. something there I just know it and i think it is the preload becomes more vivid by watching the clay shot review and we will be doing more of that in the near future….more later

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