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The Filler Part of the Brain (Part Two)

Here’s why it eventually becomes so important to be honest with yourself. Your choice is to be constantly building filler – good filler, or some good and some bad.

It’s not how well you shoot that determines how good you get. The way you handle adversity determines in great measure where you end up. This is where it becomes more about how you think than how you shot. It depends on how you react to what goes on in your life. It’s all feedback.

The Power of Understanding the Filler

And to me, it was a huge breakthrough to at least know what comes over me when I get in front of people and do what we do. And it’s about how consumed we are with what we do. How effectively we’re consumed with what we’re doing eventually creates the zones that we can so easily enter into. Knowing what creates it is a huge deal for me.

It certainly puts the way you conduct yourself on and off the course in a much different light. It’s why some shooters excel at greater rates than others and why champions always look at things differently. The champions see it as half-full.

Somehow it is comforting to just know how the filler works and that we can control the quality of it by our actions and emotions. That, in turn, controls how quickly we get there.

I cannot tell you how big this is in my life and journey. It explains so much.

Building Your Fundamental Skills

So, skill is the ability for the brain to fill in the blanks with the mundane stuff so more of the conscious awareness can be focused on fewer things. In turn, this allows for greater focus(where have you heard that before?) on fewer things! Well, duh!

Here’s where we’ll visit the fact that it is all about FUNDAMENTALS. The better your fundamentals, the better you become. So let’s see what building better fundamentals really does.

News Flash! Building better fundamentals build better fundamentals. Hello!

It’s easier to focus on fewer things. It makes it easier for the brain to let things take “care of themselves” so to speak and allows for more subconscious control of things with less conscious control and awareness.

You just have to get out of your own way and let it happen. B.S. You got to build the filler so it can take over and you can then understand where all that stuff comes from. Then, instead of hoping, you’re investing in future performances.

This is huge. It makes all the self-help stuff we have been reading and spewing make sense but in a building-block kind of way.

The first instance was inside the arc on a curling bird. We had explained it as the eyes seeing the horizon rising in the periphery that gave the target the falling line to 5 or 7 o’clock. And that is the case in some of the shots. But the reality is that when the brain sees the climbing arc, it automatically puts in the corresponding arc. It’s not real, but because it’s used to filling in the blank, it gets fooled into the wrong line.

This was the key to me understanding the filler and the role it plays in performance and automaticity. It’s all connected to peak performance. What a breakthrough.

Positivity Builds Filler

Being positive is not just being positive for positive’s sake. We are building higher-quality filler so, in the end, we’ll be able to depend on it to give us higher skill levels and higher performances. The more often it happens, the more often it will happen, and so on.

I cannot tell you how monumental this understanding is for me and Vicki. Hopefully for you as well. We are not building a “tower to nowhere.” We’re building a “bridge to somewhere,” and that “somewhere” is subconscious skill that allows you to focus on less things and let the brain take care of all that stuff. It allows you to reach levels of performance and skill unknown to you and the rest of humanity.

This puts reality in building performance. It brings a believable quality to being positive. You are no longer being positive just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s an investment in your future of being skillful at anything you do.

It’s all filler. And the better the filler, the better you become.

The Filler That Competitors Have Built

This is exciting. And it’s why those who already know how to compete in other arenas can easily learn to compete in this arena. They have the filler; all they have to do is create relentless pursuit toward the fundamentals and boom, they are there.

It is not something they know. They have developed the right filler. They just need to learn a new fundamental which they peruse with a burning desire that few of us know or understand. But they understand it because they have done it before.

At the end of the day, all the filler is where the skill is born. And the better you build the filler, the easier it becomes for you to be skillful at different things. It’s not learning how to compete; it’s about building filler.

I am humbled by this knowledge. It’s powerful and mirrors my current life – and hopefully yours too.