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Being honest with your self

Had a lesson with a young female athlete the other day
and she wanted to really shoot great but she had not made the commitment to
build the skills to do so and this was our first lesson together……the
lesson began by listening to the March 2015 coaching hour which if you have not
listened to you should over and over…..she had all the want to, but not the
determination to put in the time…..we see this a lot in youth shooters …..
the talent comes so quickly in the beginning but what they don’t understand is
that 60% of everything you must learn applies to everybody and that stuff is
those boring FUNDAMENTALS!…and they are fairly easy to learn especially for
young shooters….not because they are young but because their brain insulates
the circuits so quickly at that age they just get it fast and equate getting it
fast to talent and the two are worlds apart….after the coaching hour we
talked about the anticipation circuit and how she had to build her own filler and
that is where the hard work comes in and is also where most youth athletes find
themselves giving up and settling for good enough…..heard from her father the
other day and she is practicing every day…..something might just be coming of
our discussion…..oh and BTW we did shoot a box and a half and she got the
stable matched up picture quickly and we expect to hear from her soon….will
keep you posted….

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