Our Approach

We Teach All Shooting Methods

Gil, Vicki and Brian are experienced and comfortable teaching all methods of shooting

Swing through, pull away, and maintained lead–as well as understanding the amount of risk each method creates for each type of shot.

It Just Makes Sense

The main frustration with shotgun shooting is missing a target when you are certain that you know how to hit it and and you’ve done it many times before. You don’t understand why you missed it: Maybe you just got lucky before; maybe your gun mount slipped this time; or a thousand other excuses.

Every bit of research and work that we do is based on resolving the one key question of “why”: Why you hit it? Why you missed it? If you really know why you missed a target, then you know what you need to do to fix it. That’s the premise of our teaching. We feel that if we can give our students the knowledge and understanding of why, then we have given them the database they need to self-correct. After spending just 2 hours in an all day OSP clinic, you will know why you miss and how to correct it.

Every day we see students, some first-time shooters, some longtime sportsmen, who expect too much of themselves too soon. The road to self improvement is a journey. It’s a roller coaster ride of successes and failures, and it’s how you handle those failures that determines the speed and height of your successes. We take you out of your comfort zone and lead you to a new level of confidence. And in the process we all discover that shooting–and hitting the target–becomes very logical and very simple.

The Keys to Success

Increased performance is about controlling risk and learning to focus with your eyes and with your mind. At OSP, we help you analyze your game and determine “the junk” that is getting in the way of your shooting. We lead you through the steps–through the journey–that guide you through the mechanical and mental processes that ultimately take you to “why” and to your level of optimum performance. There are three things that must be understood to achieve any level of optimum performance with a shotgun.

  1. You must learn about the shotgun, how it functions, and how to achieve mechanical excellence with it.
  2. You must learn about your eyes, mind and body and how they instinctively function together.
  3. You must learn to control conscious doubt and release the subconscious through mental focus and trust.

Throughout our clinics, we repeatedly hear students surprisingly say, “that just makes sense.” It’s all just common sense, but presented in a way you’ve never considered before and in a way that’s easy to remember and apply consistently.

While other instructors concentrate only on the method and lead, we concentrate on you.

  • Everyone has their own “correct method” and that’s what we help you find. Your correct method is what creates the least amount of risk in the shot for YOU.
  • Everyone has a different goal. You have to determine your own goals based on your commitment to excel, and that’s what we help you achieve.
  • We don’t give a canned presentation. We tailor every lesson and every clinic to your needs and skill level.
  • We don’t do all the talking. We listen to what is important to you.
  • We help you get in control of your performance–mechanically and mentally–by understanding “why” SO YOU CAN CORRECT YOURSELF.