Busy, Busy, Busy!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on May 26, 2017

Whew, what a busy and active 3 weeks.  We went to a new club near Raleigh North Carolina called Drake Landing.  A wonderful club with a great staff and great targets and lots of crossers which is the number 1 reason people come to our clinics to learn how to shoot those nasty crossers.  Met so many new friends and students and haven’t had that much southern fried chicken in quite a while.  When in North Carolina eat like a Carolinian.

 Once again we spent a lot of time getting the gun out of everyone’s face.  Why is it that so many people want to start with the gun complexly mounted to the shoulder and face?  You can’t see the target till after it gets past the barrel then panic begins and you chase the target.  You can’t chase the target if you start in front and stay in front.  Always keep your nose on the target as you eyes focus over your nose.  Don’t tell me you can see the target with you head on the stock and your eyes cut back toward the trap.  You can maybe see it but you can’t focus on it till it gets over your nose, so nose on target and as the target gets close to the gun match the speed and take the shot.  That is constantly being repeated over and over and over again.

 Home for 2 days 1 of which we taught 18 students from the Gonzales ISD—yes shooting in the school.  They drove on the big yellow school bus for 2 hours to meet with Gil, Brian and I for an all day shooting school.  Will be helping them get ready for the FFA national tournament in June.

 The next day we were off to South Carolina to Palmetto Outdoors whose name was Live Oaks Sporting Clays and the clays course was completely redone with the new owners.  Several repeat offenders and many newbies and lots of smiles by the end of the 3 days.  We almost made it thru the weekend without rain but it caught us on Sunday so we quit a little early which was okay as we had a flight home that evening.  But unfortunately the storms were all over the country and we were delayed hours but made it home to sleep in our own bed so all is good other than we had to get up early to meet with our new FACEBOOK Lady on Monday at 9am.  We are going to get more involved in FACEBOOK so LIKE our page and watch for new things happening.

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 Off to another new club for us, Purgatory Gun Club in southwest Utah, and to another great adventure.

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