Vicki's Sweet Vacation

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on June 26, 2017

Just getting back from what our General Manager, Becky, called my vacation in Oregon with granddaughter Avery.  I am not sure vacation is the correct term.

Daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Tim, had a trip planned so it was my pleasure to go and visit with Avery, who is 8 almost 9.

 The first 2 days she had school so I went one day and got a massage (my vacation).  After that, each day was planned.  The plans were more about what type of sweet she could get –like lets go to the park and oh by the way they have these monster snow cones with lots of sweet toppings—hers was blueberry, grape and mango.  Of course it was hot so I had to have a banana & Pina Colada.  When in Eugene do what they do on what they called a hot day of 85 with a substantial cool wind. 

  The next day was filled shopping for a favorite toy that she wanted and had the money to pay for it, so we started our search.  It reminded me of when Andrea wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll many moons ago and they were not to be found; same with this little critter called a HATCHIMAL which comes in an egg and actually hatches itself in about 30 minutes when you rub on it.  After several attempts to locate this beast, we found one not too far away so off we go.  My question was what does this Hatchimal do for $50.00?  Well Avery said, it hatches and then it goes from baby to toddler just like a baby does and it coos along the way to let you know how it is feeling.   Well this is better than a gerbil because this one has an on/off button.

So we got the Hatchimal and fortunately it was the one she wanted, as you don’t know till they hatch which one you have.  So, she rubbed on the egg and it made noises and there is a card that tells you which feeling it is having by the color of its eyes, which you can see through the egg, and you hold it different ways till it starts to make a new noise.  After 30 minutes it started pecking out of the egg and a purple fur ball critter came out and then it makes new noises and the eyes turn different colors and it has different feelings.  After a day or so it goes from baby to toddler and can repeat words you tell it.  Cute and crazy but she was amazed with it, as was I.  A friend of hers came over to spend the night so they took care of the baby then into the hot tub and to bed.  The next day they played till Izzy had to go home and Avery and I went roller-skating.

Do you know how long it has been since I was on roller skates?—well that’s too long.  I’m thinking it would be like riding a bike—right—you don’t forget-NOT.

I did a few laps and said no more as all I could think about was a fall and a broken hip and Andrea and Tim in Mexico and Avery is 8 so I sat down and Avery got a COTTON CANDY.  Remember it’s not the activity it’s the treat.

Survived the skating adventure and the next day we stayed low in the morning, different park in the afternoon then to eat Sushi, as this child loves sushi so this is a must at some point then home and to the hot tub and a movie then off to bed.

What’s up for the day, well the Trampoline Park of course, so off we go and Avery wanted me to jump with her so reluctantly I did for a bit.  Miss Avery is skin and bones and like, the Energizer bunny, she was jumping all over the park.  They have a new part that has an obstacle course over big sponge blocks so if you fall it doesn’t hurt.  She is all over this as I carefully watch from a far.  There are swings that you walk on across this pit and ropes you climb on as you go over this pit and silk scarves to hold on to as you cross this pit.  Avery could do all of these except the silk scarves, as they are very slippery when you grab them.  She did real good getting almost to the middle but then our time ran out and off to the vending machine for the THE CLAW.  You know that claw that you maneuver and try to have it hold on to something in the window.  The first try was not successful but times 2 and 3 were and she got a rubber ball and a toy that she gladly sent home for cousin Joe to play with.  Home, dinner, hot tub and movie!

 Andrea and Tim get home late that night so we get up and go back to the Trampoline Park to conquer the silk scarves and she almost did but time ran out and off to the vending machine to find something else for THE CLAW to grab.  This time she went to the candy one and it gave her more candy than the ball one so all is good.   Home and Andrea said lets go shopping and leave Avery here with Tim so off we go.  The only time I go shopping is with her and of course we ended it with a glass of wine.  Met up with Avery and Tim for dinner then home to sit on the back porch and rest.

My last full day in Oregon, so Avery and I went to the movie really early—Captain Underpants then home and left for the wine country to a few tastings then off to one winery for dinner and wine.  What beautiful country as the air is so clean and sky so blue.  Good dinner then home, short movie at home then off to bed, as I had to leave early for Portland to catch my flight home.

 In the meantime, Gil is in Bolivia shooting doves and pigeons at a new place that is very nice and not quite as far to get to as Argentina so I will have a day or so to wash clothes and catch up on office work and repack for out trip to Montana on Monday.  Whew are you tired yet? 

 Until next week and another adventure.

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