Argentina Pigeon Hunt

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on September 11, 2017

We made it to the Montaraz Lodge or the pigeon lodge.   Had a light lunch and off to the pigeon fields.  Hunting pigeons in Argentina is so much fun as it is like hunting ducks without the water.  They will actually come to the decoys and when you kill one the bird boys go out and put it on a stick so it becomes a real decoy.

 The birds are very challenging as you don’t think they are flying very fast because they are so big and they don’t make any sound.  You look up and they are just there.

This is where Gil and I put in our full chokes and shoot the ShotKam so look on the Knowledge Vault for new videos that are coming as soon as we get time to do that.

 This lodge was built in 1603 and has so much history that it makes this part of the trip really special.  Once again we ate, drank great wine and hunted for 4 days.  What a life!

 Back in the van to go to the airport and come home so we could go fishing but Harvey had a different idea.  So 2 days of fishing and our little tropical storm became a Cat 3 Hurricane coming into Texas 50 miles west of our bay house, we will be on the dirty side so packed up everything of value and got 2 boats on the trailers and headed for Houston to safety.  Will let you know how that  turns out.

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