Make your plan. Shoot your plan!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on November 13, 2017
2017 scenery

We are leaving to come home after being at Garland Mountain Sporting Clays near Canton, Ga.  WOW what a beautiful place and being November the trees had turned their fall colors and it was lovely. 

 This was our first trip to this club but won’t be the last as we have been asked to come back 2 times next year.  We had a great time; a little cold on the last day but it is November and we were in the mountains.  We had only 2 repeat offenders, all the rest were new to us and to the OSP System but all embraced it and GOT IT.  It is so much fun to watch the lights go on and the student really know why they missed a target and why they hit it. 

 The idea of seeing the target behind the barrel or across the barrel was a new idea but, when they shot and really were stubborn about not taking the shot until they saw that picture, they were amazed at the results.  They also were surprised to see how calm they were and only had to think about 2 things.  The students were also self-correcting by noon or at least most were.  Sometimes it takes till 1:30-2:00 but Gil and I just keep them doing it over and over and not worry about breaking the target just make the correct move.

 We talked a lot about being process oriented—not score oriented.  When you go to the score oriented part of this game, you become very judgmental and that part of the brain can’t run this shooting machine. If you are judgmental, you are in your short term memory which won’t work, BUT if you stay process oriented you are using your long term memory which lets you call on all your past experiences.

 Make your plan. Shoot your plan!

 Thanks again Garland Mountain for a wonderful 3 days, now Gil, Brian and I are going to take a little time off and go fishing.

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