Doing a little fishing!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on December 12, 2017

We are taking some time off and doing a little fishing.  Since it is winter and all the bait fish have gone out of the bays, we have to change what we are doing to fish those fish that are left behind.  That means I have to learn how to throw the new bigger heavier lure called a Corkey or Fat Boy.  It’s about 4 inches long and has not 1 treble hook on it, it has two, just as I’m used to 1hook we have added 5.  Oh joy!

 Well the first thing is Gil got me a longer rod and a new reel and different line so I have 3 things different to contend with.  Love the longer rod as it helps me throw really far and new reel with new line—not so much.  The new reel is pretty smooth and retrieves a lot faster than the one I was using so like that but the new line is different and the new reel doesn’t like it so much or perhaps it’s the operator who is having the trouble.  Just saying!

 Off to the pier to practice over and over again and if it didn’t feel right I did it again.

Sound familiar?  It was pretty ugly for many casts and that reel looked like a wasp nest instead of a reel.  Now over the years I have become the Queen of Backlashes and can get them out relatively quickly but what a mess.  I didn’t have a small backlash I had the whole reel all messed up but I only spoke ugly about this once or twice.

 What I did was slow down and became smooth rather than try to throw too hard.  There is also a rhythm to this new bait and I had to learn that too.  Oh my, does the learning ever end, Lets hope not.  It’s been a challenge but I have preserved and will get this down and have great pictures to prove it. 

 It’s all about deliberate practice!  We have been talking about deliberate practice on the Coaching Hour for the past few months so listen to them on the OSP Knowledge Vault. 

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