Holiday with the Ashes!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on January 15, 2018
2017dec 001

Boy was the end of 2017 busy!  We had our Christmas here on Christmas Day then on the 26th we gathered the crew and went to Bend, Oregon to meet up with our daughter Andrea and family for fun in the snow.  As Brian’s 2 had never seen snow the first snowball went in the air as soon as we got there.  Traveling during the holidays is a bit of a challenge and the 2 ½ hour layover we were to have in San Francisco turned into a ½ hour layover as our flight from Houston had a mechanical problem.  You know you are in trouble when the flight gets to the gate and all these people come running out and testing the tires and finally they said that plane was not going anywhere so off we went to another gate to wait for a plane to get there, then we got to the 3rd gate and finally they got a plane there and we were on our way!  Andrea, Tim and Avery were there but Gil’s suitcase didn’t make it so we went and put a claim on it and hopefully it would arrive later that night and be delivered the next day. 

 So off to the house we went and even though it was 8pm and we had all been up since early that morning, the kids played outside in the snow for hours.

The next morning we went to the sledding hill and boy that was chaotic.  Once you start down the hill, there is no stopping the sled and there is no controlling it either.

So you had to watch them come down and get out of their way when they came down that hill.  Crazy!   

 Day 3 brought tubing down a large hill in a big tube.  Our son-in-law got behind us and gave us a good push and down the hill we went then up the other side over hay to get us to slow down.  Get out of the tube and go back up the hill to do it again.  For 2 hours we did this and what a blast it was.  The hardest part was getting out of the tube, you had to roll out of it and it was not very graceful but it worked.  As the time went on it got easier to stand up.  Then we had to walk to the car on a parking lot that was icy.  We all made it without falling—thank goodness.  Broken bones was not in the equation or plan.

 Day 4 was supposed to be boys on snow mobiles but the snow had melted enough so it was cancelled. So we went on a horse sleigh ride through the woods.  As we were leaving we found a pond that had swans on it.  Two very large swans and hundreds of geese and 3 very playful sea lions, so we stayed and watched them play.

 Day 5 brought warming temperatures so no sledding as the sledding hill was ice so off to see the sights.  We found a beautiful waterfall and Brian made the remark that he had never seen a natural waterfall, so glad we could take that off the list. 

As our flight the next day was really early off to the hotel to get some sleep and leave the next morning.

 What a great time was had by all, but its always nice to get home.

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