Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on January 23, 2018

2018 started out busy as ever.  The first weekend took us to Dallas Safari Club to do our seminars and this year Brian went with us to see what goes on.  It is a big show and lots of people come to see all the outfitters, trophies, trophy room dealers, jewelry and knives and can’t forget the numerous furs being shown.  This is a shoppers delight.

 We had a lot of new people in our seminars this year and a lot of folks who come each year.  It’s just like old home week.

 The next week brought our trip to Sarasota Florida and 2 days of clinics.  At each clinic it seems someone comes with a perceived eye issue.  They think they are left eye dominant and have tape on their glasses or are closing an eye at the last minute—both of which will make you look right down that barrel which puts them behind the target.  When we talk about having both eyes on one side of the barrel then all the eye issues go away and as one student said, “The eye dominance issue is a non issue”.  Yes it is!

 If you can visualize the target coming to the barrel and keep your nose on the target, things get a lot slower and easier.  Your eyes focus over your nose so it would make sense to keep your nose on the target, then the target would be clear in your vision and you can watch it COME TO THE BARREL rather than chasing it down.  Remember the eyes don’t see they only transfer the information to the brain then the brain takes over----that is if you let it.

 Make a clear movie of what you want to see when the shot is taken AND don’t take the shot until the picture is stable, then send it.

 The clearer you are to the brain as to what you want to see in order to break the target the easier our system is.


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