More on Deliberate Practice

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 6, 2018

Last month we did an extra coaching hour on deliberate practice and we will be doing our 5th one next week on deliberate practice!  We have been learning even more about skill building and the value of deliberate practice. Skill is the ability to anticipate ahead of where you are while shooting. To hit a moving target we must see it where it is and shoot where it will be or in other words anticipate where it will be in the future. The only way for the brain to do this consistently is to have the circuits in the brain used enough in practice such that as the circuit begins to fire the brain recognizes the circuit and can complete the circuit without you having to think about. 


We will be discussing in detail what and how this works and how to specifically practice this into your game on the Coaching Hour this month. Hope to hear you on the line. 

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