California & Balance

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on April 24, 2018

On my way to a new adventure, going to California, alone, to a new club.  My time to spread my wings and fly—actually airplane fly to Sacramento, California, then on to Sonoma to the Wing and Barrel Club for three days of teaching.  Then on to San Francisco to see a neurological chiropractor who helps people with their balance.  We have noticed over the past few years that our older students have a balance issue, myself included, so I’m going to go and find out how to get my balance fixed so we can pass the information on to others.  Once you pass the age of 60, balance is a big issue as it causes falls and with that broken bones and as we age it takes longer to get over those falls.

 Then I will pick up Gil at Sacramento airport on Thursday and we will go to Camanche Hills Sporting Clays and teach for two days; home for three days then Brian, Gil and I will be going to Denver, Colorado to teach at Kiowa Creek for three days. 

Are you tired yet? 

 Our schedule is crazy this year but that is a good thing.  Stay tuned to next week and I will let you know what I learned about balance and how the balance doctor did.

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