Three for Three at Kiowa Creek

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on May 15, 2018

We had a great 3 days at Kiowa Creek in Denver, Colorado for all 3 of us and especially happy that it didn’t snow on us.  We will be back the same weekend next year so put it on the calendar for 2019.

 A lot of good learning and ah-ha’s with the help of the animations each morning.  A lot of students didn’t realize that they were not to look down the gun barrel when shooting and really didn’t realize how much they were looking at the gun barrel in their set up. The more attention to the barrel in the set up the more you will look at it in the shot.  I know we have been saying that forever, but still students don’t realize how much they are looking at it.  Do the 3 Bullet Drill and learn to accept the barrel in the picture without looking at it.  You should only have a 2-5% awareness of the barrel; it is a part of the picture, just not a big amount.  We cannot stress the 3 Bullet Drill and OSP Flashlight Drill enough as it makes the improvement of students’ scores happen so much faster. But it is so hard to get them to do it for any length of time.  Also the Clay Kill Shot Reviews in the Knowledge Vault are amazing and those students’ that are watching them are experiencing great scores.  The simple things that matter the most and they won’t watch them or do them enough.

 The answers to the test are on the KNOWLEDGE VAULT, so get on there and watch what you are missing—literally missing.  We are on our way to Drake Landing near Raleigh, NC and will be doing some more ShotKam videos to put up on the Knowledge Vault so look for them in the future.

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