Oregon 2018

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on July 19, 2018

On my way home from a great 10 days with our granddaughter Avery in Oregon while her parents were gone.  Our daughter Andrea turned 40 years old so a little vacation is a reward for her and Tim and for me as I get to spend time with Avery.  And what a time we had!

 When I got there we sat down and went through the things we needed to do and put them on a schedule, did I say she was Andrea’s daughter, yes indeed.  We made the list and as we did each thing we or should I say I marked them off, but some we revisited at another time. 

 Who among you has done those arcade games where you try to get a stuffed animal out of the machine with the “Claw”.  I remember those games and they never worked and you never got what you were going after, but Avery has a system that does work.  She even has it figured out when the different arcades restocked so that they would be more animals and easier to get.  The cool thing is that she gets all these stuffed animals and then takes them to a charity to give to those kids that don’t have the opportunity to play with the Claw.  So the first day we went to one place and they had not restocked so off we went to another place that had.  Now the fun was watching her start the lever and then going on each side of the machine and figuring out if the “claw” was in the right place, so after careful analysis she would wait till the last few seconds to lower the “claw” and retrieve her prize.  What a hoot to watch, she was so exacting.

 We spent a lot of the time at the pool which was great as there was a heat warning each day I was there and folks in Oregon are not used to 95-98 degrees and I thought it was very thoughtful of them ordering that weather for me.  I was hoping for what they are used to which is cool nights and semi warm days but that was not what we had till today as I was leaving, it was 56 degrees and temperatures would be around 85.

 We also went to a farm where she and a friend, got to pet and feed the goats and sheep and then mine for gold or gemstones and then have (the real reason we went) ice cream so all good.

 In the evening I learned about The Incredibles and  Hotel Translyvania so I could catch up for the movies we would see in the next 2 days.  So glad we watched at home so I knew what was going on.  Very cute movies so grandma’s time to catch up.  We also watched “Jumangi” another way to catch up for Grandma.  And to realize how thinking positive gives you positive results and working together defeats everything.

 Monday is restocking day so back to the “Claw” saga and more for the charity and Avery taught her friend how to make the “Claw” work in her favor..

 My last day was a trip to the baseball park to watch the  farm team in Eugene, The Emeralds play ball.  Avery had won the tickets as she had read all the books for her grade and had a field pass also so in the heat and because we didn’t come earlier, we had the bleacher seats in the 97 degree heat but we got autographs as we were allowed on the field to get autographs and be a part of the team.  We watched the game till it was way too hot and went back to the house, we must have been a good luck charm for a team that has not really done well this year, but they won that game.

 As we were up really late we slept in but I still got up early enough to edit the Coaching Hour tapes.  We are transcribing them and putting them up on the Knowledge Vault so Check Out the new transcriptions of the Coaching in the next week or so.  So you can listen and read the newest things going on in OSP.


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