Coaching Hour Transcripts Underway, August Travels and More!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on August 13, 2018
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We, meaning all of us in the office plus our new editor Nick, are trying to get the rest of the Coaching Hour transcriptions up on the OSP website.  2001-2014 are up and readable but we have many months to go but look at them.  A lot of information is in Coaching Hour from students who have had problems and gotten through them with suggestions on what they did to solve them.  As well as, interviews with top shooters and information about how to be a better shooter.  Don’t miss out on all this INFORMATION—IT IS INVALUABLE AND YOU WILL LEARN SOME THINGS TOO.

 We have been going non stop, which I’m sure will not surprise any of you.  All three of us went to Nashville Gun Club to teach.  If near Nashville, be sure to stop in at Double Guns of Nashville and talk to Terry Hetrick and his daughter Nicole.  They have a fabulous selection of guns and other items that may be “must haves” so check them out.  Great people, we have known Terry forever and he is as honest as they come even though he is a Skeet Shooter.  Go see him for any needs or wants you have.

 Great time in Nashville with good students some new and some repeat offenders. We are still amazed at how often students are asked to change shoulders because someone told them they were left-eye dominate but they WERE NOT.  We had a gentleman who had changed from shooting right-handed all his life to left-handed, because a coach had told him to do so.  In the preamble, he said he was having trouble making the switch and he would like to switch back.  Brian had him in his group and had him shooting right-handed by lunch. Everything looked the same from either right to left or left to right.  He was ecstatic!  He had not ever shot that well, and was so happy to shoot right-handed again as it felt so normal rather than shooting left-handed.  If anyone has been told that they need to change shoulder PLEASE call us and let us talk to you about it.

 Then we were off to Pennsylvania to teach at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays.  Such a great club and lots of target presentations to offer to any shooter and any ability. We have been going there for so many years. The staff is so great, we can’t wait till next year to go again.

 On to Bolivia to teach doves in the field and then to shoot pigeons at a new lodge for me. Gil went last year to “check it out” while I was kid-sitting in Oregon.  Beautiful place and lots of birds so can’t wait to let you know about that.

 Remember get on the Knowledge Vault and CHECK OUT the Coaching Hour Transcriptions, a lot of knowledge there. 


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