Focusing on process and no practice ....

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on September 6, 2018

Focusing on process and no practice, working a shoot and still shooting great!

 This just in from J. B.....

 “So I really haven't had a chance to do much more than practice a little as we were focused on final preparations to host the Kentucky SC Championship. I did get to shoot on 50 bird 12ga sub event at the state. I thought the outcome was very interesting and falls right in line with your coaching.

 Jumping to shooting from working the shoot is a bit of a challenge. I tried last year and it was miserable. This time I told myself this is so I can get some experience in a bigger shoot with targets set by an outsider. I was going to focus on the process and slowing down.

 At the first station the Jitters were terrible, my stomach was a wreck, should have grabbed a snack before, was this going to be a repeat of the 26/50 from last year? I stepped into the stand and popped 2 into the ground hoping to ease my nerves. I had to consciously slow down and try to control my pace, you were in my ear. 

 I started poorly and dropped 5 targets at 1&2. At that point the jitters were gone, I knew in C class there was a mid forties score already so I assumed I was out of contention. I decided to work on the process. Control pace, play the movie, move and mount, play the movie, control the pace. I was shooting a Super Sporting event at the same time so I really wasn't aware of score. 

 I finished by running the last 5 stations and tied for 1st with a 45. Wow, I had no idea until I saw the card. What an epiphany! Focus on the bird and the process the score will take care of itself.

 Thanks for your help!”

Jim B


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