Have a realistic look at your over all game ...

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on December 18, 2018

Have a realistic look at your over all game and determine what needs to improve and create skills practice specifically to improve that skill. Here is where an experienced coach not a shooter really shines and cuts short the learning curve. Remember you cant see what the pro shooter sees because what you see is a perception that has been cleaned up through deliberate practice.  As you deliberately train with a preload and a plan the brain begins to clean up any clutter in your perception and anything that is confusing or non-essential is suspended from your consciousness and what you see when shooting a moving target evolves to levels you have never experienced.  A good coach has seen so many levels of perceptions they will be able to recognize by the way you shoot and answer questions which perception you are in and be able to set a course for you to navigate the next level.

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