Youth Interventions & Year End Wrap Up

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on January 2, 2019
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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! And it’s going to be a great New Year.  We have already booked the year for clinics and it is full, so check it out and come see us somewhere in this country or come and go dove and/or pigeon hunting in Bolivia or Argentina.

In 2018, we, or I should say Brian and Gil, did a lot of 4H and SCTP interventions where we teach the coaches and the kids.  We have found that the kids will perform only as good as the coaches, so OSP spends 1 day with the coaches and at least 1 day with the kids.  The success of these interventions is outstanding.  The kids finally understand what they are supposed to see; the biggest thing is to get their head off the stock and not have their eyes down the barrel.  What a revelation when they understand that.  The phrase “Wow that makes so much sense” is heard after each target breaks; their smiles are as big as Texas and that’s pretty big. But the important thing, is the relief in their eyes when they can start to correct the misses.

 Brian will once again be doing beginner clinics in Houston as they have really been well received as well as the normal clinics so make sure you check those out and call Becky to schedule.

 January is already busy as Gil and I and Brian and family are on our way to San Diego, California to meet up with daughter Andrea and her family.  Cousins will get to see how they have changed in a year.  I haven’t been to San Diego in years so we are excited to experience the food and whale watching and the food and the Zoo oh did I mention the great seafood and outdoor restaurants.  Should be fun.

I hope everyone has taken a few days if not weeks off from shooting to relax and do something else.  We have found in the last 35 years that you need a little time away from the gun to make it through the year so take it off now and have fun the rest of the year.

 Will let you know how the family is next week.


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