Welcome to 2019!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on January 16, 2019
2019 sandiego filmstrip

Welcome to 2019!  Wow 2018 went really fast and we started 2019 on January 1 in sunny San Diego, CA with the family.  Andrea and Tim and Avery and their exchange student from Columbia came down from Oregon and Gil, Vicki, Brian, Jackie (fiancé), Emma and Rayden came from Houston.  Count them its 10 people.  Have you ever tried to get into a restaurant without a reservation with 10 people?  Fortunately we got there in enough time to talk to the concierge at the front desk and he made reservations for each night.

 We stayed at the Hilton on the Bay and looking out our window you saw the bay and the navy shipyards.  Andrea was on the other side and their view was of the Coronado Bridge so you didn’t have a bad view no matter where you stayed in that hotel.  I had not been to San Diego since I was 10 as I had an aunt who lived there and that was a few years ago and had forgotten how beautiful a city it was.  We were thinking it would be a little warmer but of course a cold front had come through and the locals were not happy, as it was cold.

 We did all the touristy things like whale watching out in the Pacific where it was really cold.  We saw a lot of whales on our 4-hour cruise and of course dolphins and otters and other sea creatures.  Of course kids wanted to touch the water not realizing it was an iceberg last week but they found out real quick how cold it was.

 Day 2 excursion was to the Wildlife Safari, which is part of the San Diego Zoo, which is awesome, but we thought it might be more fun to see the animals in their natural habitat and it was.  And we could ride in a tram and not have to walk so far like we did the day before.  We walked everywhere on the first afternoon and then going to the whale boat we walked then to go to dinner we walked or at least most of us did.  On the Boardwalk they have these scooters you can ride so some of them rode those.

It’s so crazy you read the code on your IPhone and it of course bills you for the time you are on it then when you are done you just leave it on the boardwalk.  Pretty neat.

 Day 3 we had brunch with Gil’s nieces who both live in Los Angles so they drove down and we went to this wonderful place called the Hash House A Go Go.  It was fabulous but the portions were crazy as they served the food on platters and filled them with eggs, sausage, hash (potatoes) or if you wanted waffles or pancakes they were as big as the plate. 

 After all that we needed to walk so we went to the USS Midway to tour the ship and hear about its history.  It was fascinating to see how the sailors lived in very small compartments and everything about the ship.  We got to hear about how they land the planes and how they catapult the planes that are leaving.  We must have stayed for almost 5 hours and no one got bored, then we walked ½ back and stopped at a restaurant for dinner.

 Each day the kids went swimming in the heated pool while the adults ( I use that term loosely) sat around the pool and visited and of course some spirits were involved.

 Day 4 we had to leave and come back to Houston so we all had breakfast together, packed up and we left, but Andrea, Tim and Avery stayed one more night.  We needed to get back home as we were leaving Wednesday to go to Reno, NV for the SCI convention where we gave seminars on Thursday and Friday.  It’s now Saturday and we are back on the plane from Reno to Houston so that we can go to Dallas on Thursday for the Dallas Safari Convention where we do seminars there. 

 Yes 2019 has started out with a flurry of activity and looking at the calendar it is going to stay that way for the rest of the year!

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