It's Like Public Speaking

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on June 4, 2019

Learning to shoot at higher and higher levels is like public speaking. We can all talk but how many of you could have a conversation about what we are discussing with 30 shooters? 100 shooters? 500 shooters? I can because I have done it and I have put myself in the game enough times that I understand the topic and the misconceptions that shooters have about skill building and performance and I am a master of the material (Deliberate Practice).   This took 27 years of research and study and when I stopped hoping and began to take responsibility for my outcomes and put fourth the determination to better my understanding of how this process works and understanding that I will fail but in failing learn to become better and better I was freed from hoping and began to learn.   Few of any shooters look at their practice as building skill therefore they never get any better and when it counts they have nothing they have trained to trust so they think their way through the sequence and fail.

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