Evolving Gun Fits

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on July 2, 2019

Was at Drake Landing last week and in owner’s office and owner picked up my gun and was shocked 😳 at how easy my gun was to mount and how it was perfectly aligned every time he mounted it. I said my gun will fit all 5 people in this room to which the others said no way so Jack knows what I did. I gave them all my gun to mount and like magic it fit them all to their amazement. With respect to comb height and cast too low is infinitely better that too high. My$.02

Wow have we evolved on gun fit!  In the beginning I shot a gun that patterned 70/30 and all shots were rising or flat like skeet.  In fact I was taking a beaver tailed skeet Browning Citori and narrowing the for end, lengthening the forcing cones, porting and screw choking the barrels for our first sporting clays guns.  The rib on these guns made them shoot about 70/30 or 60/40 even with the stock re in-letted to a lower dimension they still shot high requiring us to float the targets.  Those guns were the predecessors for the Special Sporting and Lightning Sporting the first two sporting guns Browning made.


Now I shoot a gun that is flat and 50/50 because 63% of the targets at Nationals this year were set to be shot on a downward trajectory!   If you are going to win in sporting you gotta love shooting dropping targets So flat rib with slight cheek pressure and 50/50 for me.

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