Wisdom Through Failure

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on September 17, 2019

Wisdom can come to you in the most unusual of places.... a lot of times through failure!!!

 When you combine wisdom with optimism you can get the perfect storm of rapid skill development because you finally realize that failing is the key that opens the door to doing something better and better and better. 

 Optimism comes from two things...faith that there is a God and a willingness to walk through life without knowing where you might end up!!!!

 If you are not willing to look stupid....Nothing great is ever going to happen to YOU!

 Fail..... fail better..... fail better.... fail better.....push through.... everything you are looking for is on the other side of failure. 

 Our research and the current science on skill building agree that failure is a necessary part of skill building but yet the majority of people avoid failure at all costs. It’s as if they are afraid to fail!

Well not Winston Churchill!!!!!

At a cocktail party when Lady Chatterly publicly chided Winston Churchill by saying...

“Winston you are drunk!”

Churchill replied...”Madam that would be correct and you are Ugly and tomorrow I WILL BE SOBER!”

 What a quick wit and any time devoted to studying that man will not be waisted. 

 Winston Churchill said many things but these two have stayed with me for some reason....

First - So you have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood for something in your life!

Second - Success is going from one failure to another with NO LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM!

 Yogi Berra...."You can observe a lot, just by watching!"

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