Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 4, 2020

Homeostasis..... the body eventually turns back into it self learning is about fulfilling your innate potential requires challenging homeostasis and taking control of your destiny. 

 What does the shot look like at every moment 

 Mental Representation's allow for the access of huge bits of data in an instant. Experts have higher quality and greater quantity of MR's! 

 Baseball hitters have stored huge amounts of data in their MR's called hitting the ball. They are able to make hit no hit and contact point in 150 mls! Their MR's allow for instant anticipation farther and farther out in front of what is happening giving their anticipation circuit the ability to alter human behavior as it is happening!!!!

 Great performers are able to see fewer visual cues and at the same time perform at higher and higher levels because of their cumulative MR's!!!!!! Bingo

 Experts have incredible MR's which enable them to have better Memory, pattern recognition and problem solving than less trained athletes because they are Able to evaluate more possible outcomes in a shorter amount of time due to their MR's. 

 In as little as a tenth of a second a decision to shoot or not shoot can weigh heavily on the outcome of a shot. We see this as the difference in finishing or not finishing a shot. Always finish every shot in practice and tournaments 

 The better and clearer the MR is the better the performance will be! 

 When facing a separator target expert shooters will have a very detailed MR and less proficient shooters will have a much less detailed MR.

 The relationship between the MR and your skill is a virtual circle.... the better the MR the better the skill... the better the skill the better the MR and so on!!!!! The better your skill the better you can practice your MR and the better your MRs the better you can practice your skill and so on. 

 Sight picture and gun speed!!!

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