Make Progress or Make Excuses!

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 18, 2020

One of the reasons you can’t learn from any book or coach is that you must see how these emotions and circumstances manifest themselves in you. It is not the end or recognizing the problem that you need to know to avoid the problem. It is the beginning of the real break down that you must become aware of and how it gets in with you. It will be different for everyone so you must experience it for yourself several times to recognize the beginning of it!!

 A good coach can help you become aware of where the problem begins for you. They all are a result of evaluating while performing!

 If you can find a coach that has helped hundreds of shooters figure out the beginning of the rabbit trails shooters begin down that end up in debilitating physiological and psychological actions that undermine them when performing at all costs spend time with them!

 So the best coach you can have is one that understands how far your fundamentals will get you and where and what you need to change to get farther. And one that can let you make mistakes in a certain way so that you learn more about your self and your tendencies so you can never loose but you either win or learn. 

 There only two options... Make progress or make excuses!

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