No Argument in Your Brain

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on April 21, 2020

When shooting your round of 25/25 on skeet there was NO ARGUMENT IN YOUR BRAIN! This allows for you to access your long-term memory and not think while the target is in the air. We see shooters who are trying to not see the barrel or trying to not think and they continue to fail because you can’t not think and the barrel is part of the picture. 

 Think about it. The brain can’t do anything unless it first has a picture of what it is about to do and the more detailed that picture is the LESS YOU MUST THINK WHILE DOING ANYTHING. When your visual process becomes a detailed movie of how the shot is going to come together you will be able to access your long-term memory and then you can take the shot without thinking. 

 Because most shooters never preload the movie of how the shot will come together they are all shooting in short term memory chasing the targets from behind desperately trying to fix the shot at the end, which would be reacting to where the target is not where it will be! What they don’t understand is that the gun is part of the picture and when you let the gun have a place at the table all be it a very small part of what is seen then you engage both sides of the brain and the argument in your head goes away! 

 So tell do you visualize NOT SEEING SOMETHING? When the paradigm shift occurs in your brain from trying to get the gun in front of the target to you are always seeing the target behind the barrel then you will be able to access the anticipation circuit in your brain and the targets will really slow down.

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