19 Years at Camanche Hills!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on April 9, 2019

It’s been 19 years that we have been coming to Camanche Hills Sporting Clays in northern California, my how time has flown.  Next year we will have to have a party when our 20th year rolls around.

 Some new students and some repeats but it seems like the problems are the same.

In the first hour of each day we go through the animations and try to get everyone on the same page but it seems that it is so hard for some students to stop looking at the gun in the set up therefore they will revisit that during the shot.  You don’t have to look at the barrel---it’s always going to be there and you know where it is but students keep checking to make sure it is there.  If you are constantly checking the barrel then your focus has gone away from the target and onto the barrel and that’s not good.  After you have made your plan and before you close the gun take a little pause just to clear your mind, then close the gun in the break point and put your eyes or should I say your nose to the focal point and call pull.  Sounds so easy and yet it appears to be so hard to do.

 Had some great ah-ha’s on how the OSP System really does work if you will do the at-home drills of the Flashlight and 3-bullet drills.  It sure helps to know what the picture is and the more vivid your picture is the easier it is for the brain to know what you are asking it to make happen.

 Another great weekend of making students get better in their shooting and in their lives.

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