April - Frozen to Blustery!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on April 22, 2019
Bayhouse sunset2

Gil and Brian got home from teaching the kids of SCTP in frozen butt Iowa and after my teaching the novice clinic and Easter coming up, we started a Coaching Hour on Wednesday but there was so much static after 15 minutes we decided no one could hear anything so we would do it on Thursday.  Everyone hung up but Dan Paxton and myself and the static was gone so Gil got back on the phone and told several people that were talking to get back on, so we did another 45 minutes.  On Thursday we did it all over again and no static so be sure and go to the Knowledge Vault and listen to them.  They were really good with a lot of information.

 We then came to the bay on Good Friday hoping to fish a little but like we have said to so many of you—Patience and let it happen.  The winds have been horrible each day and when you could go out in the boat or on the pier the winds were blowing 20-30 miles an hour.  Saturday was fairly decent so we took the boat out and the water was so dirty no fish were caught.  Sunday the winds were high again so only fished off the pier and not even a bite BUT we enjoyed the bay and rested a few days before we go to a new club for us in Brooks, KY. Called Jefferson Gun club so if you are in the area come by and say HI!

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