Kentucky, Colorado, Bolivia and Argentina!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on May 30, 2019

We went to a new club to us Jefferson County in Louisville, Ky.  The flight over was interesting.   As much as we travel we haven’t had the pilot come on the speaker and said due to the bad headwinds we needed to stop for fuel, so we stopped at a small airport and got fuel and got back on our way.   It put us 2 ½ hours late but we got there.  Jefferson County Gun Club was the name and we learned a lot about timing our clinics—never the weekend before The Derby.  We had a great time and a good response so we will make a date for 2020 just not the week before the Derby.

The big thing that everyone learned is you don’t look down the barrel of a shotgun.  I know that is a new thing for most students but once they understand what the picture is supposed to be it just makes sense.  Ever hear that before?

The next week we went to Denver Colorado to Kiowa Creek for 3 days of sunshine instead of the snow that we have had the last 2 years.   Much nicer conditions and the crew at Kiowa as usual were fabulous.  Several students were regulars there so they had some issues with some of the targets so we solved those problems.  Everyone left with a practice plan of deliberate practice and to shoot only singles, but what does everyone do? They shoot pairs.  Not a good idea until you have mastered every single target trajectory out there.  Have a plan to practice not just shoot.  But you say, “sporting is a game of pairs.”  Well yes it is but a pair of targets is just 2 singles so practice shooting them in the sweet spot, then late then early so that when you do have to shoot pairs you can hit the first one in the spot to make the second one easy.  Then you are making your practice beneficial and not just shooting.

Now we are leaving for Bolivia and Argentina with a group in each country to help rid the farmers of those pesky doves and pigeons. 

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