Where did July go?

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on August 28, 2019

Wow where did July go?  We got to spend some time at the bay house over the 4th of July but the winds were so high that we didn’t even get the boat out of the stall.  We did have the right West winds for some good crab catching so all good there.

 July also brought us going to a new club for us on Cape Cod, Ma.  Thanks Kevin York for inviting us to come up there and Frank Sabo for a fabulous dinner at The Belfry Inn.  We had a great time and the last evening we were invited on a Cape Cod boat ride and dinner. What trip to Cape Cod is not finished until you have a boat ride--so much fun.  Other than coming home with poison ivy on both legs, it was a great trip.

If you do get poison ivy, get Zanfel to get rid of it and it will be gone in12-24 hours.  It’s amazing.  I’m very allergic to poison ivy so I now travel with it everywhere.

 Then on to North Carolina to Ashe County Sport Club, for the second year.  Great club and Jerry does 4 FITASC layouts to accommodate us so it’s so easy to go to one place and have a great variety of target presentations.  They are in the mountains and have a lot of ground to throw some great targets.  If you get a chance to go to one of their shoots—go—and be sure to have the lunch.  Great going guys, the food was fantastic.    

 Home for a few days so off to the bay we went only to have high winds so no boating but a little fishing off the pier, but no keepers.  It’s July and the winds have not stopped blowing,  perhaps August will be better.

 August will bring us going to Canada, Idaho and Pennsylvania so it will be a busy time.  Hopefully when we return late in August the winds will have died down for a few days.

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