Ben Avery December 2019

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on December 16, 2019

We spent last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona teaching at Ben Avery.  Wow what a facility!  We have been going to Ben Avery for about six to seven years, and it has grown so much.  They used to have only one course, but now have four along with trap and skeet and archery not to forget about the wild west town where they shoot from horses.  They also have a spot where they set up FITASC par cours.  Needless to say, we had a ball with so much variety.

 We had quite a few new people, so we spent the first morning in the classroom for two hours to get everyone on the same page then out to the courses to put their wealth of information to work.  At the first station I asked if there was anything I needed to clarify, and the answer was how am I going to be able to do this?  I always tell them to give me till 1:30 and just go with the flow till then.  I don’t care if you break the target, just learn the system.  That seems to relieve them a bit and some get it before we break for lunch and some it takes till 1:15, but they all get it and then say this OSP System Works!!!  Well DUH!

 For lunch each day we went to In N Out Burger and if you haven’t ever been you need to go.  It’s amazing how quickly they can get the burgers out and how many people were there—out the door and around the building.  We have just gotten one here in Houston and it’s the same thing, lines of people in their cars or standing waiting to get in.

 Knowledge Vault is getting a lot of hits and people are calling to tell us how good and how educational it is.  A bit overwhelming at first but use the search engine and it pulls up anything you want to know about.  And people are watching the Kill Shot Reviews and getting better in the comfort of their own home.  Give it a try!

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