Advance School 2020

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on March 23, 2020

Well it has been a busy March.  We did the Advance School the first two weeks and had a great time with everyone.  A lot of learning and progressing with everyone’s game.  Now it’s going to be fun to watch them all grow.  We had quite a few new people that had never been before and the hardest part for them was getting home.  Not so much the first weekend but by the second weekend, the airlines had started to hurt a bit and cancelled some flights, but everyone made it home by Monday night, so all is good.

 Came back from Advance School to this Coronavirus scare and no Toilet Paper.  People hoarding toilet paper and bottled water.  People, the stores will always have these two items but please leave some for the rest of us.  Stores are restocking; but, due to the contagiousness of this virus, we like everyone else are doing our work from home or the bay and hoping that the winds won’t be so strong that we can fish, but it doesn’t look like they will subside.  So, we will just catch up on paperwork which is not such a bad thing.

 I have been catching up on the 2015 Coaching Hours.  They are now up in Knowledge Vault except for December 2015 which will be next then on to 2016.  We will be caught up with audio and written material from the Coaching Hours which we have been doing each month since November 2001.

 We have had to cancel everything through the end of April and depending on this virus we may have to cancel even more clinics.  After May 1, we are slammed so would really like to get this sickness out of the way.  We are following the rules from the State and Federal government but if you want to come to Houston, we are doing some lessons here for now but that too can change.

 As everyone has nothing but time on their hands, this would be a great chance to go through the Knowledge Vault and look into some things you may not have had time to go through.  I would start with Shotgun 101 and do the drills over, and over again.  Remember you can Key Word Search everything on the vault and I think you will be surprised how many things are in there.

 Stay Safe and Healthy!!

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