Staying focused

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on May 7, 2014

Staying in the present is tough to do. When you begin your sequence your goal is to hit the first couple of targets, then hurry up and get out of the stand before you loose it. Normally what happens is you start out the stand in a rhythm and as you go through the pairs you will shoot faster and faster and squirt a few of the last targets. You need to have a preshot routine that you are comfortable with and that you use before each shot. The routine will make you consistent in your approach to each shot therefore, your results will be consistent. Everyone’s routine is different and should be tailored to you. It must keep you in a steady consistent rhythm. If we were to time you in between shots we would like you to have the same amount of time from the first shot to the last.

The last thing that you tell yourself before calling pull is also important. The last thing that is said is the first thing that happens. So you want to tell yourself to see the bird or to move to the front, not I always miss this bird. A positive thought of the front edge or I will see the target before each call of Pull, will help you stay focused on just hitting the target. This is irrelevant because it didn’t work, so be concerned on how to hit the target. Your focus must be 100% on seeing and hitting the target. Spend more time on making the right approach to the target and having a positive attitude and you will be surprised at how easy hitting becomes. You don’t dread the targets and you don’t spend any of your time thinking of a miss–only of hitting. More importantly, you are able to stay focused for the entire sequence of targets because all you are thinking of is hitting the target. Your routine will make you stay focused for the entire time. You should be so focused that you don’t know which pair you are shooting until the scorekeeper tells you to get out with your score of 10

Remember, this is something you must practice. It doesn’t just come. Practice staying in your routine and shooting 10 targets in a row. That way if you go to a tournament that only has 6 to shoot, you are ahead of the game.

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