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Gun Fits Don't Correct Sight Picture

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 11, 2020

You hear a lot about gun fit and follow-through. While they are important, here is where we have come to after thousands of shooters and 55,000 hours each over 26 years as professional coaches:If the sight picture is correct and the muzzle speed is the same as the target's speed and the gun mount is a little off, you have a better than average chance to hit the bird. Conversely, if the sight picture is wrong, no am... Read more…

Your Detailed Mental Representations

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 4, 2020

The body eventually turns back into itself. Learning is about fulfilling your innate potential. It requires challenging homeostasis and taking control of your destiny. What does the shot look like at every moment?  Mental Representations (MRs) allow for the access of huge bits of data in an instant. Experts have higher quality and greater quantity of MRs!  Baseball hitters have stored huge amounts of data in th... Read more…

Give the Task Your Full Attention

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on January 28, 2020

You must give the task your full attention.  You must push yourself past your comfort zone. Finding the barrier is critical for improving. You must isolate what keeps you from getting better.  Coming at a barrier from a different direction is the key to getting past it. This is where an experienced coach can pay big dividends. Find someone who has helped thousands isolate and overcome different barriers from d... Read more…

The Brain Sees Skill as a Pattern

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on January 21, 2020

The brain sees skill as a pattern: a series of skills that have been repeated enough times so that they happen without thought. At this point, the skill moves to long-term memory to free up more short-term memory. When this skill is performed enough time in long-term memory with other skills, a pattern develops which allows your brain to anticipate ahead of what you are doing. This is how you perform without think... Read more…

The More Times You Create the Pattern the Same Way

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on January 14, 2020

We see shooters who are practicing just trying to break the target.  When the broken target is a result of a detailed preload and happens just like the preload, you can believe it and begin to trust it.  You cannot trust what you cannot see in your mind's eye. Your performance depends more on your attitude and the correct number of reps that any other one thing.  Does your practice do these four things?1. ... Read more…