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The More Times You Create the Pattern the Same Way

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on January 14, 2020

We see shooters that are practicing just trying to break the target.   When the broken target is a result of a detailed preload and happens just like the preload you can believe it and begin to believe and trust it.   You cannot trust what you cannot see in your minds eye.   Your performance depends more on your attitude and the correct number of reps that any other one thing.   Does your practice do th... Read more…

Defining Mental Representations

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on January 7, 2020

Creating long term memory is defining mental Representations ...... a visual image we see when a phrase is introduced to our brain. Long term memory enables the brain to process enormous amounts of data in a fraction of a second. It is the pattern recognition via repetitions in deep practice that make the patterns more and more obvious to the brain which enables for the brain to fill in more and more precisely all... Read more…

Deliberate Practice - 3-4 Basic Moves

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on December 31, 2019

Went to range Thursday night and shot 3 boxes and missed easy shots but stuck with the program and did no get emotionally involved. Went back to range Saturday and shot 7 boxes and it all came back. Had a couple of hick-ups but all in all really felt in control of the targets?  Just had a little problem with a long slow curler l to r and was not giving it enough lead but was in the beginning of the session! To sho... Read more…

Your Brain Needs a Mental Representation

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on December 24, 2019

To do anything the brain must have a mental representation of what it is about to do! The better the mental representation the better the shot and the better the shot the better the mental representation and so on and so on and it becomes a virtual circle when you predict and commit to the prediction! This is what deliberate practice is all about and why there as so many shooters that have spurts of success but ne... Read more…

Predicting with Deliberate Practice

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on December 17, 2019

Deliberate practice is about predicting what you are about to do and committing to do just that. The more detailed the prediction the clearer it becomes for both sides of the brain to be comfortable with their task at hand then they become so much better at doing what you want them to do because they have done it together so many times! This is how you build a library of sight pictures that you can access any time... Read more…