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Building Long-Term Positive Memories

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on November 10, 2020

You become what you repeatedly do, and eventually you become what you remember. How you file those things in your brain as positive or negative will determine who you become.  In their book Be A Player, Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson share this about memory:  “Psychological research has shown that humans have a 3:1 negativity bias as our default setting in storing memories. The brain naturally stores negati... Read more…

Inconsistency and Evaluation: What’s Holding You Back?

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on November 3, 2020

Ask a room full of sporting clays shooters if they would like to be more consistent, and you’ll be overrun with enthusiastic responses. Few, if any, really know why they are so inconsistent. They’re good on some days and not so good on others. But there seems to be no real consistent rhyme or reason for their results.  It’s the inconsistency that keeps most shotgun shooters from practicing, because they don’t ... Read more…

The Limits of Massed Practice

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on October 27, 2020

Our intuition persuades us to dedicate stretches of time to single-minded repetitive practice of things we want to master. We’ve been led to believe that the regimen of massed practice is essential for building mastery of a skill or learning new knowledge. But it fails the long-term test.  These intuitions are compelling and hard to distrust for two reasons. First, as we practice over and over, we often see ou... Read more…

The Power of Learning and its Challenges

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on October 20, 2020

Remember that the most successful students take charge of their own learning and follow a simple but disciplined strategy. You may not have been taught how to do this, but you can do it and will likely surprise yourself with the results.  Embrace the fact that significant learning is often difficult. You will experience setbacks, but these are signs of effort, not failure. Setbacks come with striving, and stri... Read more…

Vary Your Practice as Much as Possible

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on October 13, 2020

In Houston, we're fortunate that we have quite a few clubs to go to. But if you practice at the same place every time, you need to vary it as much as you can.  I recommend mixing it up as much as possible - not necessarily practicing pairs. But practice singles, playing the game, and retrieval as often as possible. Always change your break point whenever you can. After two or three shots, practice these three m... Read more…