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Score Plateau: 65

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on March 9, 2020

You are here because you have fallen in love with the game and you can’t get enough of it. Up to now, you have just been playing around with different things. While you can hit some of the targets some of the time, something is missing in your game: consistency. And no matter how much you shoot and practice, you just can’t find the consistency button. You are learning to move and mount the gun, or you shoul... Read more…

The Sight Picture Makes So Much Sense

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on March 3, 2020

The biggest common reaction to shooting a flat-shooting gun is the shooter's pictures are reciprocal on left-to-right and right-to-left targets and the sight pictures make so much sense! I shot with a shooter yesterday who had a Beretta 680 12ga with Briley screw chokes. The gun was too short and the comb was too high. At his first lesson, he shot my gun after he understood what he should see when pulling the t... Read more…

Rib Height and Gun Fit

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 25, 2020

Rib height has little to do with how well you will shoot one gun over another.  In the end, it is the relationship between the rib height and the shape and height of the comb and where your cheek softly and comfortably touches the comb.  Most shooters are wrestling with trying to fit their bodies to factory stocks that are made to fit a male that is six feet tall and weighs 190 pounds! We have learned seve... Read more…

The True Commitment Required for Greatness

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 23, 2020

Great performers are not born with some innate ability that predisposes them to be able to be great at anything. While they all have spent thousands of hours doing what it is that they do, they each became great due to the commitment in time, money and effort to practice deliberately, to deliberately improve to world-class level. To become great at any one thing is a lonely road with bumps and holes thrown in y... Read more…

Make Progress or Make Excuses!

Author: Gil Ash
Posted on February 18, 2020

One of the reasons you can’t learn from any book or coach is that you must see how these emotions and circumstances manifest themselves in you. It is not the end of recognizing the problem that you need to know to avoid the problem. It is the beginning of the real breakdown that you must become aware of and how it gets in with you. It will be different for everyone so you must experience it for yourself several tim... Read more…