2000-06 2 eyes or 1

Is it better to shoot with 2 eyes open? The answer is definitely YES. The targets will look larger, closer, and moving more slowly. Is it going to look completely different when you shoot? YES. Remember that your eyes are used to working together, so that you can walk or drive a car. If you will think of shooting your shotgun like driving your care and merge into the lead with the gun, you won’t have to be so concerned about the barrel. If you are looking at the barrel of the gun, you are not looking at the target and focusing totally on it. That will put you behind the target. There is a 3/10 of a second delay in the brain and sending the response to the arems, that will put you behind the target. Try focusing really hard on the front of the target and bringing the gun up in front of the target and as it touches your cheek, pull the trigger. A way to practice this, as it is a learned thing, is to find something small to focus on–such as the light switch or the edge of a picture frame. Look at it and count to 10. Start to train your eyes to stay focused on something small in a large area. That’s what you have to do when you are shooting. Finding a small 4″ disk in the sky and focus on it.

My question to you is, are you willing to take the time to retrain your brain on the pictures? I had to do the same thing years ago. I’m left eyed and shoot right handed. I went fro m 1 eye shooting to both eyes open. It took some time, but it really helped my shooting. It will be frustrating for a while, but after you have seen the picture a few times, it will get easier. It will maket he targets look slower and larger. Just trust the gun a little more, as it is going to go where your eyes are looking.