Simple Mechanics

The level of commitment must be greater than the expectation. 

We teach mechanical excellence, mental focus, and trust. One must have mechanical excellence before true mental focus and trust can occur. Ideally, you can develop mental focus and trust while you develop mechanical excellence. However, mechanical excellence must be developed and constantly practiced in order for one to ever come close to their potential. 

The first step on your journey to your potential is understanding the simple mechanics of shotgunning:

1. Look at the target.
2. Put the gun where the target is going.
3. Pull the trigger.

It is that simple! Anything else you put into the shot just clutters up the mechanics and takes away from your focus on the target. 

You read lots of articles and watch lots of videos on swing-through, pull-away, maintained lead, sustained lead, modified pull-away, diminishing maintained swing-stab, etc. Although all of these are mechanical techniques, they have more to do with a person's style than anything else. Each technique has risks. Some have more than others. But they all have great risk when a shooter's focus is on technique and not on the target. We feel that way too many people get hung up in the trip that the gun is making and they lose sight of where it needs to go.

The gun must be in front of the bird when the shot is taken. The more time you spend thinking about what the gun is doing, the worse you will shoot. Instead of focusing on the trip the gun is making, focus on the destination. The trip will take care of itself. You’ll hit more targets and have a lot more fun.

After all, best I can remember when I went to Grammas house, I always enjoyed being there more than I enjoyed the trip!