Gun Mount

Would you rather have students in a clinic who were new shooters, or people who had been shooting for a while with bad habits?

George Fournoy
Houston, Texas


Most people would think that getting a new student with no bad habits would be the easier way to teach. But give us someone with a good gun mount and we can get them farther along in a shorter time. We can always refine a gun mount that may not be the best, but if you have no gun mount at all, a lot of time must be spent on making that right move.

Our suggestion to everyone is to practice your gun mount before you have a lesson. Make it become subconscious so that you don’t have to think about it again. A beginner must not only think of all the good information he/she has received, but also must think about making a good mount, so as not to hurt themselves. If any conscious thought is on making a good gun mount, then you have taken part of your thoughts off of killing the target and put it on something else. 100% of your conscious thought must be on breaking the target.

How to practice your gun mount to make it perfect and subconscious?

The easiest way is to get a small flashlight, like a mag light, wrap it with tape so it won't scratch the barrel. Insert it into the barrel (top barrel of an over/under). Put the light to its smallest circle. Focus on something small in the room, a light switch or corner of a picture. Put the light on what you focused on and bring the gun up smoothly and be sure the light is still shining on what you are looking at, at all times through the mount. If not, do it again, becoming very aware that the front hand is pointing the gun to where you are looking. The front and back hands should work together, keeping the light where you are looking, as you mount the gun to your face.

The second thing you can do is to focus the flashlight on the seam between the wall and ceiling of a room. Follow the light with your eyes while making the gun go from one corner to the other and mounting the gun at the four corners. You will notice that as the gun is mounted to your face that the light will probably go over or under the seam – not staying straight on the seam. The mount to the face must be smooth for the gun to go where you are looking, and therefore your point to be perfect.

Do this seven days in a row, 50 times each night, and gun mount won't be a problem.

If you will do this before your shooting class, you will get more out of the class and worry less about your mount, because you will know it is perfect.